Required Spanish in 7th and 8th grade. Crappy teacher so a useless endeavor though. Required French in 8th. See aforementioned teacher.
I don’t remember if foreign language was required in high school, I think one year was. But most colleges wanted to see at least two years on the transcript, so two years of German (as I was done with French and Spanish. See aforementioned teacher), and I rather enjoyed it. My classmates got the vocabulary faster, but I picked up the grammar as it was similar to Hebrew which I’d had a bit of.
Took a bunch of programming classes though. But not required.
In college, the only non-departmental classes that were required (by the school) were: Intro to Computers, World History, English. Due to high school AP credits, I only had to take World History (and also got credit for -127 also).
No foreign language required, unless you count talking to artsy people, or learning to speak Yinzer.
I did, however, take -127 my senior year as it was in a different language than it was freshman year.