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Telemarketer Theater Epilogue: Why I love my wife


3-23-07 (Photo credit: chrismaverick)

This is kind of an epilogue to my most recent Telemarketer Theater. So if you haven’t read that yet, you probably should. in any case, SPOILERS and stuff. This is like after the film and after the credits, only instead of Nick Fury coming and asking me to join the Avengers Initiative (which would rule), this happened:

Mav: So did you read my Telemarketer Theater today?

Steph: *sigh* Yes. You’re a sociopath!

Mav: Why do say that?

Steph: Because you take such delight in making fun of that poor guy?

Mav: What poor guy? He was trying to steal my password.

Steph: Yeah, but you made him have phone sex in the middle of his office. He yelled. And now you’re embarrassing him on the internet. You probably got him fired!

Mav: Good! He’s a criminal! His job is trying to steal my identity!

Steph: Yeah… I know… I just still feel bad for him.


Next time I think I want to do one where I try to make them accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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