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And today at 1am…

Went outside for a cigarette. I’m standing on my porch and a car pulls up in front of my house very slowly with a couple in it. The window rolls down and female asks me “You don’t happen to have a daughter named ______ do you?”

“Umm, no, but there’s a little girl with that name in this… uh wait, what is this regarding?”

The woman and man both step out of the car which they have parked in front of my house. I can now see that they are plain clothes detectives with badges hanging around their necks. The man speaks “we’re looking for another little girl who is missing. We’re told she is friends with ______.”

“Well, there’s a little girl named ______ in this neighborhood. About 13. She lives next door.”

“Ok, thank you.”

They knock on the door next door. I can’t make out the conversation entirely but it goes something like “Looking for ____. Is she here? Been missing for about four hours or so.” Thirteen year old girl that I don’t recognize comes out. “Why did you leave? Why don’t you want to go home?” And into a police walkie-talkie “yeah, we got her. Looks like a runaway.”  And they lead her back to the unmarked car, questioning her about why she doesn’t want to go home and they drive away….

So uh… yeah… either I just made some family really happy, or I returned a kid to an abusive household that she’s desperately trying to escape.


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