A lot of conversation happening here, wow.

– Arrow’s comic references work so well because they’re just regular people. Nobody is “above and beyond”, it’s not like Superman shows up and starts shooting laser beams out of his eyes or anything like that. It’s all very down to Earth, so even if you have characters like Dead Shot or Huntress or whatever, they don’t feel overly comic booky at the moment. That’s why it works so well. Meanwhile, in SHIELD, you have Deathlok and everyone immediately kind of groans, not only because it feels comic booky, but because the costume feels comic booky.

– As someone who watched Watchmen first, I really truly enjoyed it. I think the comic was drastically better, and had a lot of great elements (like all the backmatter) that didn’t work in the Theatrical release. I felt as if the Extended Cut worked fairly well, but was still lacking in a cohesiveness that the comics had, but that’s just the nature of the adaptation. You couldn’t do everything, and have it flow the same way, but they still came close IMO.

– DC is rushing this Justice League film, and it makes me want to vomit every time I hear a rumor or a casting announcement or anything that doesn’t directly involve just Batman and/or Superman.

– I’d love for the DC TV shows to connect in some way that didn’t force you to watch all the shows. Maybe a single crossover episode once every 2 or 3 seasons, or shared Villains or whatever. I think it’s going to bug me that Gotham exists in its own little Universe and Constantine exists in its own as well. As long as we don’t encounter a “Quicksilver” issue, I think I’ll be fine though. It’s always weird to see the same exact character used and portrayed by different actors in tandem with another project using the same character.

– Lucy Lawless announcement is awesome. I’m glad that there are certain “Geek” actors that show up in all geeky shows.