I’ve never really been terribly into DC other than Batman, especially compared to my love for Marvel, but I am a bit disappointed in the lack of cohesion for the DC screen productions. You just had a good series of Batman films that now exist on their own and will never tie in to anything. They are starting their own cinematic universe, but so far it has one movie with only three more planned (Batman vs. Superman, Justice League, and a Man of Steel prequel it seems). Meanwhile they’re about to have four live action TV shows in Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, and Constantine and yet all four of them also exist in their own unique little worlds. Del Toro at least wants Constantine to exist in the Justice League universe (and therefore the rest of the DCCU) but DC hasn’t confirmed that it will. I think they’re really missing out on not having Flash and Gotham exist within the same universe as Arrow (yes Gotham seems as if it will at least in part take place earlier in time, but it can still do that and be a part of that same continuity). I’d even suggest tying it in with Smallville had they not already appeared in that show. Though from what I just read at least their animated series are sharing a continuity.