Nah. I do a lot of seeing movies then reading and vice versa. I know how to separate. (I know most people can’t) and in some cases I like the film better.

Even when I don’t think the movie is as good I can still acknowledge its values. I also assigned Wonder Boys last semester. The book is better but the film is very good (and I saw the film first). By the same author, Mysteries of Pittsburgh kind of sucks as a film (despite having Mena Suvari, one of my favorite actresses)

I’m not saying watchmen is the worst movie of all time. It’s not. It’s not even the worst comic movie. I used it purely as an example of a film that is hurt by some of its attempts to mimic the book.

That said, it has other failings… the one most geeks point to, the lack of a giant squid, is annoying as a fan but doesn’t really bother me as much because even though I think it makes the story better, I don’t think it would have worked as well in the film. But what they did doesn’t work either. Ozy’s plan makes very little sense in the logic of the film.

Also, in the name if doing “cool stuff” a lot of the film ends up being corny and alienating non-geeks. For instance: bullet time, village people, batman nipples, four legged chicken, and especially the hallelujah sex scene in the clouds.