Rod & Mikey (and Andrew, a little): That’s just what I’m saying. It wasn’t a conspiracy against fandom. Whedon said from day 1: “This is not the comic book. This is not a villain of the week. This me exploring my vision of the MCU.” It’s not that he doesn’t care about “fandom” (a word I kinda hate, especially in this context) its that he knows it doesn’t matter. As I’ve said before, there are 250,000 current comic readers in this country. Period. That’s it. And that’s not Nick Fury/SHIELD fans or even Marvel fans. That’s all of them. AoS has 8-9 million viewers every week. That’s who he’s aiming for. Requiring a working knowledge obscure comic trivia that at best maybe 20,000-30,000 people would get would hurt the show.