Catching up: the thing about Hunt is weird, and I…kind of feel like her parents made it worse by deliberately starting a campaign of misinformation (they said the younger girl was 15 and that the younger girls parents maliciously waited til Kaitlyn was 18 to have her arrested. In fact, Kaitlyn was already 18 when they met, and she was arrested when the younger girl was still 14). To me, 14-18 is very different from 15-17, though I’m not saying it should be always criminal always. There’s also the repeated violations of court orders, rejections of plea deals thwt would have made Kaitlyn not have a felony conviction, and the fact that Kaitlyn and her parents attempted to pressure the younger girl into lying about the violations of court orders. Soooo yeah, that case in particular I feel like is not a great one to base any kind of argument about the sanity of age of consent laws on, since Kaitlyn seems to be an unbalanced predatory asshole with enabling parents and not just a kid in love,