I already dealt with my feelings on the “arbitrariness” of the laws when responding to Vic, but Dane makes an excellent point here. Yes, of course the police have to “do their jobs.” And honestly, given the letter of the law and the specifics of these cases, what they did to Hunt is kind of reasonable. In order to keep the peace, when a complaint is lodged, you arrest the suspect. Fine.

However, in the case of the VA teen, the police/DA went beyond acceptable behavior to keep the peace and are clearly using their discretion in order to “gather evidence” for a conviction. DAs neglect to prosecute violent rape cases every day. They used their discretion in NOT arresting girlfriend for child pornography. Chemically compelling an erection in order to prosecute the male teen under the theory that he is victimizing himself *IS* arbitrarily deciding when to apply the law and when not to and it’s doing so in a manner that is far more victimizing than the original crime and clearly not in the sprit the law was written in.