When there’s no definitive answer that provides universal clarity and elected officials just choose a number based on what they think is best, I think we can safely say many laws are, indeed, arbitrary. They didn’t decide to make the speed limit 25 because some scientific study demonstrated a percentage decrease in accidents – they decided this due to thinking it is best. I think that constitutes arbitrary.

Just because the law says you’re an adult at 18 shouldn’t mandate far harsher punishments than if he or she were still 17. I don’t think that one the hour when you turn 18, you’re mystically endowed with knowledge you previously couldn’t comprehend. Is it wrong to have sex with children? Of course. Should someone who is 18 be sentenced to prison for having sex with his 15-year old girlfriend – I have very serious reservations about that.

The reality, Vic, is that there is so much ambiguity in all laws. In fact, the Constitution was written that way because those who drafted it knew that things wouldn’t be viewed the same at all times.

Why aren’t the parents being punished for poor parenting? Shouldn’t they be more closely monitoring their daughter’s activities? Is this negligence? … If we’re going to punish the boy, there are laws about negligent parenting, so let’s pursue that, as well. In fact, let us go after every parent whose child makes a mistake while we’re at it. I mean, this 18-year old kid made a mistake and will suffer for it; why not 40-year old parents?

Police aren’t being fascists? They forced him down to take pictures of his genitals. The cops weren’t in the wrong by doing their jobs; however, I think making threats to a teenager and forcing his pants off is wrongdoing. If they didn’t have their badges on, it would be battery and attempted rape.