Vic: the entire point of my post wasn’t “did she break the law.” I obviously know the law. The point was, should the law exist, Hence my obviously sarcastic solution of internment camps.

As for the child porn law, again READ THE POST. in that case, the older “child” was arrested and the younger one “GUILTY” OF THE SAME THING was ignored because the law wasn’t being used to protect children, but instead to punish one kid because he wasn’t technically guilty of statutory.

My point then isn’t “what is the law?” That’s easy to look up. The point is “is the law arbitrary and should it be changed?”

As for your question, honestly, no, I don’t care if a 15yo has naked pics on the net. For the reason you said initially. They’re their actions and they get to deal with the consequences. I’m ok with them having to deal with NATURAL consequences organically created by sociological interaction. I just think the arbitrary ones that are created by law are dumb. Particularly in that case because the law is obviously being used against its intended purpose.