Vic: 1) no it isn’t. Age of consent varies by state, a lot! in Florida it’s 16 (or 18) depending… more on that when I respond to Link in a second.

2) that doesn’t mean it isn’t arbitrary. For exactly the reason you said in your second comment. If the law says 25mph, and its reasonably somewhere that should be 45mph, that’s an arbitrary law. Yes, it can be enforced equally, but that isn’t at all what I’m talking about.

3) child porn you’re just wrong on. In that kids case he was under 18, so the statutory laws (even when misunderstood) don’t apply to him and child porn laws are clearly being misused in order to punish him for dating his gf (read the post). Even under the interpretation that they’re using, they’re being applied arbitrarily because otherwise BOTH kids should have been arrested.