I don’t know, man… so much of this just seems like “internet comic book rage of the day” over, really, nothing.
Spider-Woman has NOTHING to do with Peter parker’s origins. She IS her own character. To me, that’s like saying any and all characters that have “Spider” in their name are derivatives of Peter – whether they are Marvel, DC, Image or any other company’s characters.

Heck, you don’t even need to put part of the same name in a character’s name to be a derivative…
Dark Sied and Thanos are just one example. Thanos was even based off of Dark Sied. This happens all the time in comic book land.

Heck, Walt Simonson did this TWICE in his run on Thor. Obviously with Thor Frog but with the Beta Ray Bill story line (for those that remember), when BRB picked up the hammer, he BECAME Thor – which had never happened before even though other characters had briefly been found worthy of the power of Thor. They still never actually BECAME Thor like Beta Ray Bill did. And, to solve the problem, Odin decided BRB and Thor would fight to see who was truly worthy.

Thus far, I have seen some female outrage over the fact that supposedly this new female Thor had to be rescued by Thor… well, excuse me for being dismayed here but BRB and Thor’s fight was a really great one until a volcanic eruption hit and Thor nearly fell into a lava pit. In fact, Beta Ray Bill even has a thought bubble that he could easily let Thor fall and claim the mantle all for himself and have the power to save his people.

But, being heroic, he SAVES Thor even though that meant sacrificing his newfound Thor power and, in effect, killing his people since he no longer has sufficient power to save them.

It was that act that Odin decided to change his mind and grant BOTH BRB and Thor the power of, well, Thor.

Yeah… I can remember all THIS crap but I couldn’t memorize a geometry rule to save my life. 🙂