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Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus

Ok, I think a lot of my pro-wrestler friends will appreciate the video here. This would be “Dumbass Bully vs. Kid Cesaro. And your winner, Kid Cesaro.”

But for everyone, really… what I don’t get is what exactly is going through Dumbass Bully’s head here? The video (and this article) reports the bully’s age as 12 and the victim as 16. So by the looks of it, the victim has 4 years, 4 inches and maybe 50-60 lbs on the bully. So the bully is not only an asshole, but he’s pretty dumb. Do not pick on people bigger than you. That’s Bullying 101.

If I had more energy than I do, I’d be tempted to replace the lame ass “commentary” by the 12 year old filming this with something by Good Ol’ JR. “By God, King! He’s broken in half!”

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