I don’t like the idea of promoting an unhealthy lifestyle, and I definitely don’t like the way the term “fat” is used today. There is a trend to defend “fat” people, as if there is some conspiracy to force people into a certain standard. While I would agree, there is a certain level of disregard for people who don’t meet a certain standard, and no one has the right to make someone else feel like crap just because of appearance, pushing for some sort of universal acceptance doesn’t seem right either.

Self esteem aside, there are a multitude of health issues related to obesity, so I think there needs to be a better way of pushing people in the right direction, without forcing some ridiculous standard of “beauty” on them. Not everyone can be a model, but the pendulum shouldn’t swing too far in the other direction.

I think if you can instill a level of self worth in people, you can find a norm that is healthy both inside and out.