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The AwesomeCast and Cellphone Photography

Cellphone Photography at National Geographic

I was on a podcast the other day called the AwesomeCast as their guest to talk about photography. In particular they wanted to discuss the iPhone Fashion photography of Lee Morris. Basically, one of the hosts is a big photography buff and the other is well, not… so they had me on to be the other half of a discussion about the matter of taking photos with cellphones and whether or not it could be Real Photography™ or not. So go check them out on their site or subscribe on iTunes.

Anyway, during the discussion we basically talked about the fact that while the cameraphone isn’t truly a Real Camera™, that the basic rules of photography still apply and based on that, I offered this article on taking better cellphone pictures, that I had come across on National Geographic‘s website which gives the basics of good photography and how to adapt those basics to cell phone use. While it’s unlike to get you the cover shot to Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, Playboy or Vanity Fair anytime soon, it’s definitely worth a look if you take lots of cell phone pictures.
Now I’m actually kinda wondering if I should do a series of cellphone photography and open a gallery of it here. What do you think?

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