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Day 1069 of 365 Again.

I love comics. So much so that I even write my own. So it’s no wonder that like many other comics fans, Wednesdays are sacred to me.

You see, Wednesday is New Comics Day.

All over America, Wednesday is New Comic Day. There’s only one national distributor of comics in this country right now and they ship things on Wednesday, so that’s the day that geeks flock to the store to pick up their anti-drug.

DC Comics knows this, so they’re taking advantage of it to try a new experiment. Wednesday comics is a week newspaper style comic that they’re trying. Each page is on news print and is a separate "strip" about one of their characters. So in order to get all of any story, you’ll need to read all 12 issues they have planned. Then you’ll have all of all 16 stories. This is the second week.

It’s interesting. I like seeing the manner in which they’re pacing things. Maybe I’ll even incorporate it into my own story telling for Cosmic Hellcats (which you should be reading, if you’re not).

365 days

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