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Day 1057 of 365 Again.

This country is big…

Steph and I saw a lot of it today. We drove from Pennsylvania to Tennessee for my family reunion. I took this when we stopped at a gas station next to a cornfield somewhere in Kentucky, I think…

So I made hotel reservations a couple weeks ago at the same hotel Steph and I stayed in last year. Funny thing about hotel reservations. I was always of the opinion that when one reserves a room, the hotel took that as meaning "hey, someone would like to stay here. Great, they’ll be paying us. We even have their credit card number."

Apparently that isn’t true.

After driving 12 hours, we got to the hotel only to find that they didn’t have my reservation on file.

Clerk: Are you sure you called this hotel?

Mav: I didn’t call. I just used your website to reserve a room.

Clerk: Oh yeah, that happens sometimes. We don’t check those anymore.

Mav: What?

Clerk:The website doesn’t even print things here anymore, and we never check it, so sometimes people reserve rooms there, and show up and we don’t have anything.

Mav: You don’t check it?

Clerk: Nope.

Mav: Then what the fuck do you have a website for?

They offered us their only remaining room. One with twin beds in it. I did not drive 12 hours to sleep in a twin bed. So at midnight I found myself calling every hotel in the area looking for a room. There were very few left because apparently there’s a horse show in town for the holiday. We got lucky, so now we’re sitting on a king-sized bed in the only remaining room in a hotel a few miles down the street from where we were going to stay. It’s actually much nicer anyway.

Hopefully tomorrow will be less adventurous.

365 days

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