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Day 1000 of 365 Again.

1000 Days! Unbelievable. I had actually intended to do a big shot about it being the 1000th day today, but I didn’t have time because right after work I drove out to the ‘burbs to do a shoot. My fourth (and final) of the week.

It was a great time. I love getting out of the studio. We went to a junkyard not far from where the girls live. About five minutes after we got there, we heard an alarm go off in the distance. We kind wondered if we had caused it, but we hadn’t touched anything yet. So we kind of waited around for about ten minutes but no one ever came. No cops, no people. The alarm whould shut off after a few minutes and then a few minutes later would start up again. So eventually we decided to ignore it and started cautiously shooting.

After about an hour and a half, when we were almost done, the owner and his wife drove by and asked if we had set off his alarm. One of the girls told him we had and we were very sorry and he didn’t even blink. He was way more interested in seeing the girls in their underwear get their pictures taken on heaps of trash. So to my surprise he was like "hey, that’s pretty cool. Ummm, you guys want to get a picture in the crane?"

Score! Mikey, you’d be so proud.

So we finished up the shoot in another half hour ad they gave us some free soft drinks. I gave him my card and told him to mail me and I’d send him some of the shots.

Certainly not a shot about day 1000, but a great way to spend it. I can’t wait til I get a chance to edit these. Of course, I’m three shoots back now, so it might be a while.


Maybe I’ll have a memorable shot for day 2000. In the mean time, hey look! Legs!

365 days

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