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Day 994 of 365 Again.

I’ve been wrestling Friday shows the last several months. This means I have to get off work, rush to pick up Steph (and this time Jameel, since he decided to come with us) anf fight rush-hour traffic to get into West Virginia before bell time. That said, it was worth it. Today was my good guy debut, as I wrestled a grudge match against my former partner, the Bulldozer.

Won the match by DQ when he decided to hit me in the head with a street sign right in front of the referee. Oh well, a win is a win.

Got back into town, and scouted out some locations for a photoshoot I’m doing next week and got home with just enough time to take a long exposure picture in the rain. I can’t believe I’m nearing 1000 days on this crazy thing. I really need to come up with a big idea for that.

365 days

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1 comment for “5-1-09

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    May 2, 2009 at 10:09 pm

    Almost there!

    This has a James Dean, bad boy kind of look. Pretty cool.

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