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Day 956 of 365 Again.

I’m more or less gotten over my feelings on the Watchmen movie, so Hollywood decided it was maybe time to crush my spirits.

I hadn’t really been excited about the solo Wolverine movie coming out. He’s not really one of my favorite characters. But the previews show that he’s joined by other X-characters, including Cyclops, Gambit, White Queen and Banshee. It should be very interesting.

The Gambit thing inspired me to dust off one of my favorite camera tricks. The funny thing about 52 card pickup shots is that getting the lighting and camera speed right is easy. The hard part is getting the shot to go off at a good time when the cards are just right in the air. I’m still not superhappy with it, but I got tired of picking the cards up off the floor to try again over an over, so this will have to do for now. Maybe I’ll try it again sometime in the future.

365 days

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