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Day 945 of 365 Again.

I just felt like doing something with a little more energy today. I don’t really have a story per se. I spent the evening working on Hellcats. Like I do pretty much every evening. It’s funny. I’ve actually been rather creative lately. I’ve done 3 shoots this week and I have at least one more (possibly as many as three) tomorrow. I’ve been doing a lot of great things with the comic strip. I’ve shot a couple more tarot cards. I even had a minor stroke of brilliance at my real job this afternoon.

But I’ve been so wrapped up in the 18 billion projects I have going on at once that I haven’t really had time to work on these 365s. It’s funny. The reason I keep going with this after 945 consecutive days is that it’s supposed to force me to do at least some kind of creative exercise every day. But lately creativity has been getting in the way of it.

Hopefully I pick back up soon. I just don’t want to take any of my motivation away from the other projects.

Still, it was neat back when I used to make explore at least once a week and when I had lots of people commenting on stuff and felt like there was a world out there paying attention to my life. But hey, if the world starts paying attention to my comic instead, I’ll be plenty happy.

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