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* Another review I read made a really good point about the movie. It’s not really an adaptation. It’s an homage. It was an attempt to say to all the fanboys out there, “you’ve always wanted to see Watchmen on the big screen! Well now you can!” The problem is, you and I are atypical fanboys, I guess. We’d much rather see an actual good film. Despite all of ‘s protestations about how “awesome it is” I doubt he can truly point out any artistic merit to the movie in its own right. Maybe he’ll comment and provide examples. But as much as I am a comic geek, I’m also a film geek, and this movie is lacking in its own right. confirmed below that not having read the book, she was really confused by the movie, and that’s a problem. She happens to be a big old geek and will likely read the book now anyway, but I’d rather people come out of an adaptation of an epic saying “wow, I really have to read that book now to see more of that world” not “oh, umm… that was neat, I guess.” I expect most of the non-geek population would fall into the latter category.