they were filmed as panels on a comic page. when “bullet time” was invented, the idea was to bring the idea of decompression found in manga to cinema. the difference being that your imagination doesn’t have to fill in the movement from one image to the next. Which I’m sure you’re aware of but — aside from a few throw away scenes in the spiderman franchise…and posibly FF:RotSS — it really hasn’t been used in superhero movies.

the choreography wasn’t impressive, but as you say, none of these people -excluding veidt and possibly the comedian- are supposed to be martial arts masters. At the same time, they used self-defense and combatives heavy fighting styles which tend to be more useful in street-fighting/brawling scenerios.

Neither of those Rorschach moments actually worked for me, actually. The former scene was meant to show his improvisational skills and cunning, but came off as almost incidental to his participation in it(even the line change reflected that). The latter should have been incidental but was played for menacing effect..and failed.

Its just a matter of visual reference, is suppose. In most films the slowed effect supposes something superhuman or extraordinary is happening, whereas here (IMO) its just there to let you take in everything at your own pace.

I’ll admit that it does come off as slightly camp but that was partly the point.