Lordy, that movie was long.

As I feared, the super-slo-mo action scenes were terrible. Completely out of touch with the tone of the story. And there are shitloads of them.

I really wonder: who is going to like this movie? I don’t think it really did enough to win over the hard-core Watchmen fans, and it’s way too long and too complicated (with, as you say, not a lot of payoff) for the normal moviegoer.

It wasn’t terrible. I didn’t hate it. But it’s not particularly good.

Ideas to make it better:

* I like the idea of cutting more, though the devil is in the details.

* Maybe do the trilogy thing? Worked out pretty well for the Lord of the Rings.

* Hell, maybe just get Peter Jackson to direct it. At least he has taste. Zach Snyder seems like a hack (though I never got around to watching 300).

* Fight scenes should all be re-shot by a fight director who has seen some movies other Charlie’s Angels and the Matrix. And made shorter. Leave more stuff unseen.

* The sex scene in the clouds should be cut. It was cringe and giggle inducing.

* More jokes. I know this is perverse sounding, but there are a lot of clever lines in the text. Let the actors cut the gloom with a world-weary pun. Rorschach gets a couple of good lines, but there could be more.