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Day 916 of 365 Again.

I really just wanted a chance to do something cool I’ve felt like my self-portraits weren’t much of anything lately. I just wanted to do something creative and I started thinking of something weird to do.

It turned into kind of a magical/superhero thing I guess. Big surprise.

Anyway, it made me start thinking about the upcoming Watchmen movie. Something people have been asking me about lately. Steph is even rereading the book (I made her read it ten years ago as a condition of dating me).

So if you’ve seen the trailer, it probably looks cool, right? Well, I guess it does. And that gives me hope. But honestly, it’s going to suck.

Don’t get me wrong, I so want it to be a big movie. And yeah, I thought it looked pretty too. When I first saw the trailer a year or so ago I was crazy excited for several minutes.

Then reality set in.

You see, while to you it’s just one of the coolest looing movies in a while, to me, and other comic book fans, it represent the culmination of a dream. I have quite literally been dreaming of a Watchmen movie for 23 years. They’ve attempted to make one several times. And it has always fallen through. In 2005 when I heard it had been optioned for like the 87th time, I just kinda blew it off. But now it looks like it will actually happen.

23 years! That’s a lot of anticipation. At this point, anything shy of the film curing the blind or healing the lame will disappoint me.

They’ve actually already started. There have been major changes to the end of the story. The director swears its good, and he may even be right. It’ll probably never bother real people at all. But to the comic book fan… why fuck with perfection?

Just a few weeks away now. We’ll see how it goes.

365 days

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