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Day 905 of 365 Again.

Tonight, I live in the greatest city on the face of the Earth.

It was a strain. It was scary. It maybe took 10 years off my life, but Superbowl XLIII is over, and the good guys were victorious.

I only barely remember the Steelers teams of the seventies. But I spent most of my life living the mythology of "one for the thumb." That happened three years ago. And then it was time to start working on the other hand.

Tonight, The Steelers did that. Winning a record 6th Superbowl, making them officially the greatest franchise in NFL history. At least in the modern era. Technically Green Bay has 12 NFL championships, but nine of those came in the pre-Superbowl era. The game was totally different then. Plastic helmets were illegal. As was the forward pass. Hell, until 1962 you were allowed to tackle guys by the facemask… of course, they didn’t even have facemasks til the 1950s and helmets weren’t even required by the NFL til the mod 1940s, and they were leather back then. Like I said, different game.

But that was then. This is now. And right now, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the only team in NFL history to have won six Superbowls. To quote my friend Max, "Suck on it, Dallas!"


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