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Day 900 of 365 Again.

Nine hundred days. I’d totally try to do something memorable for this but really, I haven’t even left the house today. I spent the entire day in bed pretty much trying to get over this flu. I actually feel a lot better right now. Certainly not 100% but well enough that unless there’s a horrible relapse in the middle of the night I guess I’ll go back to work tomorrow.

The problem with basically sleeping all day is that it really doesn’t leave a lot to write about as far as "how my day went." I mean, I really did need it, but it was pretty boring. Not that I have any great desire to actually work or anything, but it’ll be nice to just not be all restless and stuff tomorrow.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that I won’t be able to go anywhere tomorrow at all. There’s supposed to be a horrible blizzard tonight. Well, I guess we’ll see. It’s 1am, and I’ve done nothing really but sleep all day. So I guess now it’s time to go to sleep.


Being sick is lame.

365 days

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