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Day 891 of 365 Again.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present your AFC champion Pittsburgh Steelers!

Oh it feels so good.

Now we have a week off, and then it’s Superbowl time. This year, we’ll be facing the Arizona Cardinals, in their first Superbowl appearance since, ummm… never. I firmly believe that overconfidence is death for a football team. Even overconfidence by the fans. As any sports fan knows, the feelings of the fans, be they at the stadium, at home, or all the way around the world, have a direct on the gameplay. Playoff beards, playoff socks, jerseys, and the sacred terrible towel. All are very important and are known, scientifically proven game modifiers. Overconfidence is the most deadly of all.

But it is oh so very hard to not be overconfident against, Arizona. I mean really, the Arizona Cardinals? 95% of the population of Arizona don’t even know they have a football team.

This is gonna be rough.

But still… Go Stillers!

365 days

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