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Day 877 of 365 Again.

I kept saying I was going to do something creative while I was on vacation this week. Let’s just pretend this is it.

I actually have been a little creative. I worked on editing my novel a little bit for the first time in like 2 years. Maybe I’ll actually write some more of it on my vacation in a week.

I got the rest of the current arc of Hellcats written. Hopefully Max and I can get ahead on the artwork this week so that I won’t have to work on it during my real vacation starting the 12th. By the way, anyone going to be in Vegas from the 12-16th and want to hang out with me and Steph, take pictures, see a show, gamble, score some blow, bang some hookers, stab a hobo or whatever else one might do in Vegas?

365 days

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