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Day 875 of 365 Again.

Took the day off again. The last two weeks, I’ve worked Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday and then had the rest of the week and the weekend off. It’s been very relaxing but damn, working five straight days next week is going to kill me. I think I mentioned that all before, but it’s really sinking in today.

Anyway, not much went on during today’s vacation day. Mostly just rest. You’d think that in a situation like that, I’d have a ton of creativity coming and do something really interesting, but no… sadly not. Instead I basically did nothing most of the day.

I was sitting around thinking it’d be fun to experiment with some common photo techniques that I never use, so i thought I’d do some textured shots. Only I was too lazy to go out and find my own texture to shoot, so I just decided to steal this one from sick little monkey.

One of these days I’ll be inspired again. I swear.

In the mean time, the radio interview I did for the Handsome Genius Club is up. I’m on about 50 minutes in, and I think it’s a pretty fun conversation. We talk about 365, Cosmic Hellcats, and my New Year’s resolution, so definitely check it out.

365 days

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