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Day 874 of 365 Again.

I got a call from Canada this afternoon. It was my friend Kingdom James, asking me to be on his internet radio show. You know me, I’m media whore, so of course I did it.

Anyway, the theme to his show this week was new years resolutions and Kingdom was calling his friends asking them to give theirs on the air. So of course I gave mine from yesterday.

Kingdom was amused, and dedicated the next year of the show to making sure that I end up in the same room with Rihanna and seal the deal. Hey, you know, what are friends for.

Anyway, you should totally listen to the show (episode 16, featuring me should be released tomorrow, Friday). It’s called the Handsome Genius Club and it’s usually an amusing way to spend an hour or so. And hey, I’ll be on it. What could be better than that?

365 days

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