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Day 873 of 365 Again.

Steph and I spent a quiet New Years at home this year playing games and watching the ball drop on TV and sharing a bottle of champagne. Not the most exciting way to ring in the year maybe, but you can’t beat the company.

And it was damn cold outside, so I wasn’t really looking to go anywhere. I froze my ass ouff just going out to shoot this picture.

But, this is interesting. We ordered Chinese for dinner. Here’s my fortune cookie fortune:

"Grant yourself a wish this year only you can do it."

About as apropos a New Year’s fortune as one could ask for. So I guess I need to make a resolution.

I, Chris Maverick, resolve that in the year 2009, I will finally nail Rihanna.

If you’re gonna dream, dream big.

Happy New Years.

365 days

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