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Day 868 of 365 Again.

I took the day off from work today.

Oh I so needed that. Christmas is over, but I hadn’t really had time to rest yet. So today I just slept in.

Steph and I didn’t do much today. Hung out. Watched TV. She played the video game I bought her for Christmas, we worked out and took a hottub and then went to an Indian restaurant for dinner. Really, I guess that sounds like a lot, but at the time it really did seem awfully laid back.

Anyway, I was sitting around playing with the camcorder she bought me and trying to decide what I should do for a picture and then realized that I should just test out the camcorders ability to take stills. So that’s what this is. My first self-portrait with my Samsung SC-HMX10C. Exciting, huh?

365 days

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