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Day 856 of 365 Again.


So I got a killer job offer this morning. Fashion photographer for a shoot on the coast of Africa in Benin. Why am I not happy then? I mean, €22,500 (a little over $30K, US)for ten days of work that I love in a gorgeous location. What could be wrong with that?

Oh yeah, that’s right… it’s a scam.

You’ll note how close it is to Nigeria, land of deposed princes who need your help getting their money out of the country.

Well, now those wacky scammers are preying on unsuspecting models and photographers. So if you get mail from Chris Tann with a job offer that sounds too good tom be true…. well, it is. Scam details are here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to filling out a million christmas cards for this poor kid who’s dying of cancer and wants nothing more than to be in the Guinness Book before he goes.

365 days

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