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Day 850 of 365 Again.

Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit!!!!!

I should so not be allowed around anything remotely technological.

I have this terabyte drive. I use it as a cold storage disk. That is to say, when I’m done working on a project, I move all the source files off my main hard drive and onto the big disk, otherwise the disk in my laptop would fill up really really fast. It’s kinda a drawback to the amount of photos I take. I have a 300GB disk in my laptop and only 20 free at the moment.

Some files I work with are on the order of a gig or more, so it makes sense why I don’t like to store them locally.

Anyway, the drawback with this is that I don’t really have a way of backing those files up once they’re off my main drive. I actually double backup my laptop, but the things on the coldstorage disk are on their own. I always figured if it failed it’s no big deal since its all stuff I no longer work on and finished "flat copies" of everything are on my laptop and the two backup drives.

You see where this is going, right?

So the drive seems to have failed today. Or at least at some point in the recent past. It won’t spin up at all. This sucks, because I had recently decided to reedit all of my old tarot cards. And guess what I don’t have the source files to anymore.


From here on out I’m done with technology. No more computers. No more software. No more hardware.

Tomorrow I’m going to find a nice cave to move on and my artwork will be drawn on the walls with rock.

Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit!!!

365 days

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