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Day 849 of 365 Again.

It was mostly a good day anyway.

I went to bed early last night (well around midnight, which is way early for me) which means that I got up early enough to do a nice heavy workout. 50 minutes of cardio, I’m going to get back in shape or it’s going to kill me.

After that I took a nice relaxing soak in the hottub to rejuvenate my joints. Don’t you wish you had a hottub that you could soak in when it’s 18 degrees outside? I know you’re jealous. Admit it.

After that, Steph, Max and I watched the Steelers beat the Cowboys in a game that was way more exciting than it really needed to be. In the meanwhile I finished tonights episode of Hellcats, one that I think is hilarious, by the way, so really, you should totally check it out.

Max and I have been talking about the future of Hellcats and some changes we want to make in the coming weeks. So that’s pretty exciting too. In fact, we’re once again talking about the concept of guest strips. So if you’re interested in doing one (Stephen and Helder, looking in your general directions), then let me know.

Then Steph and I discussed vacation plans. She really likes traveling and so I told her that maybe I’d buy her a trip for Christmas. Anyone want to go to Vegas with us in January? Or maybe a beach somewhere. Those are our current thoughts. Honestly I’ll be happy if its warm and there’s liquor.

After Steph went to bed, I decided to work on the Hellcats site while catching up on old episodes of Mythbusters. A fine way to spend an evening. Only that’s when everything went to shit.

The MovableType installation on Hellcats was way out of date. For those untechnical, MT is the software that I use to create the Hellcats site. It handles the user accounts and the blog posting and even the comic archives. I’ve been meaning to upgrade it for a while. So tonight I backed up the database, and installed the new software. Something went wrong on the install, who knows what, and it corrupted the database. Good thing I backed it up, right? So I deleted the database and went to restore it from my backup only to find that, yep, my backup was incomplete, because I’m an idiot and wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing. ARGHH!!! so now I can’t do anything with the site. Everything is still there. You can look at all the strips and such, but you can’t log in. You can’t comment and I can’t update.

I’m having the DB restored from my hosting company’s backups, so it’s not the end of the world, but its a pain in the ass, and I still don’t know what caused the DB to corrupt in the first place.

I so should not be allowed to touch computers.

So yeah, I need a vacation. And a drink.

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