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Day 836 of 365 Again.

Stayed up late tonight working on editing the photos from that shoot the other day. They’re looking for a quick turnaround (in fact looking at the literature they expected I’d be mailing them a CD the next day) but I just don’t work that fast. I guess I could just take photos right out of the camera and send them, but I just… CAN’T. Even if my name isn’t on something, if I know it’s my work, it just has to be done.

99% of traditional photography happens in the darkroom. And to me, digital photography is no different. I actually HATE looking at pics that came just out of the camera. Seriously, everytime I hear someone say that it’s more honest to do it that way, I just want to scream. Seriously, if you see a cell phone pic here that I took, I probably did post production work on it. Maybe I’m just neurotic. I prefer to think I’m an artist.

Luckily, now that I have Lightroom instead of just Photoshop, I can speed a lot of the work along. And I devised some macro actions in PS itself to speed up the processing with batches. But still, I wanted to do even more. There’s a lot of digital retouching that I’d want to do on almost every shot. But I don’t think I have the time.

I really need to learn to let go. *sigh* I still have to finish making my way through that wedding I shot two weekends ago.

365 days

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