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Day 825 of 365 Again.

So, I got asked out on a date by Brigid the other day. She wanted to get together, have some wine and do a self-portrait together. Normally anybody would consider that a wonderful thing. The problem is Bree lives all the way out in Portland and I’m in Pittsburgh. That of course makes it hard to get together.

Then I remembered my first collaboration with Jack Scoresby. If you have two of the same location in two locations and set the vibrational attunement just right, then you can create a singularity though which two self-portrait photographers can work in the same virtual space at once. it worked for me and Jack, it should work for me and Bree.

And it totally did. We had a lot of fun making these, and hopefully we’ll be able to work together again sometime.

Brigid’s version is here.

Best first date I’ve been asked out on in a long long time. Oh yeah, and since dudes might be reading this, after the hottub, I totally nailed her. Yeah, I know she’s gay and all. But hey, if I can move space and time, sexual preference should hardly be a problem, right?

365 days

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