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Day 809 of 365 Again.

You know what’s funny. I think every 365er who starts out with a point and shoot camera gets to the point that they’re a good enough photographer that they want an SLR. I’m a good enough photographer that I want a point and shoot again.

I love my camera. I spend way too much of my income on camera stuff. But sometimes I just don’t feel like lugging that big bag of lenses and everything around. That’s why so many of my pics are in the studio. I actually take my camera bag with me everyday. I have it at home, I have it at work. But the last thing I want to do is open it up in a bar or restaurant or something somewhere.

I’d been going out a lot lately. Today I decided to take Steph’s camera with me for the express purpose of taking a picture of myself while I was out.

You have no idea how long it took me just to figure out how to turn on the self-timer… crazy contraptions. *sigh*

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