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Day 756 of 365 Again.

I like to have Steph in my self-portraits as much as possible. I dunno why. It probably is some silly thing having to do with loving her.

Gross, huh?

So anyway, tomorrow she’s going out on some crazy two day charity bike ride with her family. They invited me along, but, well, it’s a crazy two day bike ride and there’s an opening day game on Sunday, so I’ll just stay here, thankyouverymuch. Besides, she’ll likely be eaten by wolves.

So we decided to have a nice quiet evening at home together tonight and I asked her to be in my self-portrait since she hadn’t been in one in a few weeks. It was actually her idea to take one in front of the sunset, and I thought it was a good one. Cute, romantic, loving and just oh so darling that I know you all just can’t wait to fave it and put us on the front page of explore.

Go ahead and do it. The woman is about to be eaten by wolves for God’s sake!

365 days

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