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Day: August 18, 2008


Day 738 of 365 Again. You might notice something weird in this picture. After yesterday’s debacle where I busted my face open, I really didn’t feel very photogenic today. So instead of taking a regular self-portrait, I decided to be all sneaky and take an invisible self-portrait. I assure you, I am not cheating. I…

Nikki on Chopper 2

Nikki on Chopper 2

Still playing catch up on photoshoots. A week or so ago Nikki and Holly came to pose for me for the first time. Holly has a lot more experience with the whole modeling thing, but Nikki did a great job too.

The girls wanted to do some shots on motorcycles for a bar they work at. Their friend Sarge provided one bike, while my neighbor had the other. Hopefully the shots all came out well.