@macaddict: you’re welcome. And thank you.

@Jack Scoresby: and a sexy one at that!

@Mikey aka DaSkinnyBlackMan: gonna try anyway.

@mickeysacks: I figure I might as well. It’s just kinda "my thing" at this point. Besides I like the opportunity to reflect on each day.

@lrayholly: thanks.

@You know what Jim: I do think about quitting a lot. But I know I’d just regret it. In some respects, being the furthest along and consistent with it and such is a big part of my identity these days.

@*ManyFacets*: glad you like it. Thanks.

@sadandbeautiful (Sarah): thanks. I was looking forward to it for the last week or so.

@thehalfshow.com: yep…. Hulk Smash! err… I mean Mav Smash!

@phlewght: I’m sure I’ll do something interesting with it. Dunno what yet.

@elisabethspace: I dunno about that. I think my audience was far smaller for the second year than it was for the first.

@beststephi: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (again)

@dyannafstop: oh, like on day 2. I just work through it.