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Day 726 of 365 More.

I’m just all kinds of neurotic. I think I’m fat. Ok, I know I’m not really fat fat. But I’m not in the kind of shape that I want to be in. The kind of shape I’ve been in before. And when I look in the mirror (or moreover, when I take a picture of myself every single day for two straight years) it really gets to me.

So obsess over stupid little things like my weight. I try to keep my weight around 175 lbs. I’m at around 181 right now. That makes me feel huge. Six pounds is what I’m killing myself over this week. Pretty stupid, huh.

And then there’s bodyfat %. Talk about a ridiculous thing to obsess over. Lately I’ve been floating in the 18-22 range according to my highly scientifically accurate (yeah right) bathroom scale.This week I’ve been on super calorie burn mode so it’s floating back and forth from 13ish to 18. Where will I be happy? 11%.

Yeah, i got problems.

365 days

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