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Day 716 of 365 More.

Wedding Day bliss.

So today Steph’s sister got married.

Some backstory. Anu and Dana have been my friends for years. Anu going all the way back to my sophmore year of college. We even worked together for several years. Dana, I think I met my 5th year (out of six — SHUT UP!). Anyway, they’d been dating for quite a while.

Ten years ago (or 9 years, and 11 months ago actually) They brought Dana’s sister to a party that a friend of ours was throwing. A couple months later, we started dating. A year after that we moved in together. Today we own a house together, have been engaged for far too long, and but for sheer laziness and indecision on our parts and a few philosophical problems with institutions and sacraments would probably be married ourselves.

Anyway, if not for the lovely couple you see standing between us, Steph and I never would have met.

So thank you, Anukul and Dana for introducing me to the love of my life. And congratulations and good luck in your future.

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