@tiny donna: I saw! I was really happy with everyone’s entries. Thank you for caring enough to do them.

@northshoreleo: you’re welcome and thank you.

@lagreenfrog: thanks

@sabine’s fotos: thank you

@SaylaMarz: you know, there’s nothing limiting you to founder’s day. Just saying is all. πŸ˜› (yeah, I am not well. I know)

@Cyan Del Mar: yeah, I have to get back to those. I am just way too busy. And thank you for saying that.I am quite proud of it.

@That Damn Redhead: Please do. Both of you. i’d be the happiest man on earth.

@Jim Lamb aka Travelinjim: thanks, Jim

@lrayholly: thank you for putting it together.

@jessi.: awww, that’s ok… you can tribute me anytime you like, hun. πŸ˜›

@mickeysacks: πŸ™‚

@evaxebra: yeah, I was hoping you wouldn’t mind. With the beird, I just couldn’t resist.

@nicky’s_eye_view: hey… I’m hot, dammit! πŸ™‚

@like_shipwrecks: I’m glad too. I think it turned out great. Thanks.

@Babs1696: heh. Thank you.

@er3465: thanks for being a part of it

@*Kristene: thats ok. Thanks for the kind words.

@|β€’β€’β€’Ninβ€’β€’β€’|: you’re welcome. Thank you.

@gaymay: thanks for allowing me. And I certainly wouldn’t complain.

@FW Sunshine: you’re welcome. Thank you.

@Crystal Chroma: I hope there will be pics once you do.

@PhotoKat: you know it babe. Does that mean I get to spank you? πŸ˜€

@365bunnies: hehehe… that’s a benefit I never thought of.

@randeclip: thank you.

@between_the_bars: heh… see it worked out just fine. Thanks.

@voicesbybrian: it does. Thank you.