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Day: May 12, 2008



Day 640 of 365 More.

How do you become popular?

That probably sounds funny coming from me. By all rights, I am popular. The funny thing is, I don’t really know how I did it. A bunch of people started reading my blog because presumedly they find my random ranting and raving (ie. being myself) amusing. Even more people follow my flickr stream, presumedly because I’m not an awful photographer and I happen to take a lot of pictures of hot babes. And even more people joined 365 days because, I guess at heart we’re all egotistical narcissists. I wanted all of those things to become popular. But I don’t know that I really did anything, other than kinda build what I wanted to, and what I wanted happened to be the winning formula. Yay, go me.

But then we have my other projects. the 365 podcast gets maybe 200 people watching it every week. Which is nice. Really it is. Don’t get me wrong. But with the amount of work we (and especially Stephen) put into it, you’d kinda wish it was 10 times that. And Cosmic Hellcats is totally consuming my life these days (its why I’m up at 3am yet again) as well as Max’s life and by our estimate, we have MAYBE 50 people checking the site regularly. That’s it. Really, I don’t expect to be rich. It’d be nice. But really, I’m just looking for appreciated right now. It’s a hell of a lot of work for just amusing 50 people. Likely 50 people who are already amused by my blog or 365 anyway.

So what am I missing? How do I pimp the site? We don’t really want to spend money on advertising, per se (at least not yet). But I’d love it if I was sure there was a word of mouth thing going on. But I don’t know how to get that started. Honestly, I don’t really know for sure that anyone is following the storyline at all.

Are you? Does anyone really care or are we just annoying people? And if you like it, have you recommended it to other people?’

What about the podcast? Same thing.

Speaking of the podcast, the reason I look all grainy and gritty here is because the mini-challenge this week is to do textured photos. Here is mine. The texture was taken with a 300mm macro lens. It’s the side of my neighbors stone staircase to his porch. The portrait was taken in my studio.

So anyway… help me out. How do I become popular so I can take over the world?

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