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Day: May 10, 2008

Page of Coins

Page of Coins

Hadn’t done a tarot card in a while. Had a lot of them building up. Including this one from my first shoot with Chaste a while back.

I really love the sepia look of the coin cards and can’t wait to do more. I also like the lingerie for this one. It gives a great old fashioned look to it. I actually bought that vanity and the screen just for this shoot. I’m glad I did. It’s made a wonderful addition to the studio.



Day 638 of 365 More.

Spent the day coloring the next episode of Hellcats. It’s not due up til Monday, so I’m ahead of schedule. Woohoo. If I can get Thursday’s episode done tomorrow, I’ll be in really good shape.

After I filmed the 365 Days podcast with Stephen and I tried to figure out what shot to do for today. Steph was watching Law and Order: Criminally Bad Acting. The suspect was a writer. They were looking at his headshot, ad they determined he was an author because of the pic. Why? Because he had his fist under his chin and "all authors do that, it hides the double chin." I thought about it for a moment, and they were actually write. That is totally the classic author pose. So I had my picture for today.

There, I’m a real author now. Now all I have to do is be seduced into a threesome by a homicidal lesbian madame and one of her callgirls and then framed for the murder of the callgirl by said madame and feel so distraught that I hang myself in my cell, after failing to do so twice. God that show is really bad.

Edited a couple Tarot Cards tonight. The first in a long time. Check them out.

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