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Day 627 of 365 More.

Do you know what I do for a living? I design websites for the government. I’ve actually been in the web design business in one way or another pretty much since there’s been a "web." I guess that makes me what you’d call an expert.

As such, you’d think that the simple process of making a dropdown menu, a textbook CSS lesson, would be really simple for me. I mean, literally do this sort of thing every day.

You’d be wrong.

It just took me about 5 or 6 hours to get the dropdown menus implemented on the new Cosmic Hellcats website.

Actually making the menu wasn’t that bad at all. I got that done really quickly. Most of the time was getting it to line up where I wanted. I wish I really cold just user power tools on the web.

Anyway, the Cosmic Hellcats website is up and running. There’s not a lot there right now, but the general announcements blog is up (actually it as been for days) as well as a "Bookstore" link that will take you to where you can buy the comics. And then there’s the bios section, which is actually included in the comic, but we figured it’d be good to have on the site.


Well, Max and I have been talking and we’re going to TRY to do a webcomic. This is something we’ve thought about before but never really had the idea for it. Cosmic Hellcats however, intrigues us both enough that we’re seriously thinking of going for it.

So what do other poeple think?

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