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Day 626 of 365 More.

Yep. Just like I thought. I really don’t know what to do with myself.

I had been thinking, as much as I loved the Hellcat project it would be nice when I could get away from it. Today was my first day where I didn’t have to do Hellcats stuff in like 2 months straight.

I got nothing…

I really did love the whole thing. I really did. And while there are other projects I need to return to, like the Tarot and other photoshoots, I kinda wasn’t ready to let go yet.

So now it’s 4am and I’ve spent the last however many hours since right after I took this pic working on the website.

On a good note, now you can go there and find out how to order the book, So like yay and stuff. We’ve even already started working on the second issue. I’m sure I’ll talk about that some day.

And now… sleep…

365 days

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